Paradise State of Mind - A Tropical Yoga Day - @pihasali, march 23

Welcome to PARAISO! 🌴🌴🌴
Feel the warmth from the sun, sense the breeze from the palm trees and smell the scent of coconut along with hearing latin rhythms. Laughter and good vibes! All this and more in our tropical themed workshop.

What to expect?

We will start by saluting the sun and flow in a fun and playful, yet safe way towards our peak pose ”Bird of Paradise”. We will finish off to a soothing Yin sequence listening to the sound of the waves. Our focus will be on opening the heart center along with the shoulders and the pelvic region.

In a (coco)nut shell:

🌴Tropical feel good Saturday March 23, 16-18

🌴90min tropical & playful sequence suitable for all levels & lots of hands on adjustments

🌴Tropical latin rhythms and tunes

🌴Natural skin care products fitting the theme

🌴Tropical beverages

🌴A surprise goodiebag

This workshop is suitable for all levels, everyone is encouraged to practice in a way to honor their body, abilities and limits. We will offer variations and modifications to ensure yogis of all levels can participate.

Come find your internal state of paradise and your inner sunshine in a fun and inspiring way! Feel free to come solo or come with a friend!

This workshop is a sample of our upcoming retreat in Sayulita, Mexico.


When: Sat 23 of March from 16.00-18.00
Where: Pihasali, Abrahaminkatu 7, Helsinki
Energy exchange: 35 euros

Find the FB event here.


JOY & Happiness // A not so serious yoga class @Saga YOGA MARCH 30


Yoga does NOT have to be serious and neither does your practice.

Yoga entails several acrobatic poses that can come off as scary, challenging and hard to approach. In this workshop we will explore the world of arm balances in a safe yet FUN way and learn ways to build strength to finally float into various arm balancing poses. Please note that you need NO previous skill level nor experience with arm balances to be able to attend this workshop. Beginners are absolutely welcomed with open arms. We will approach the poses with beginners eyes, big smiles and most importantly have fun while doing it. This workshop is all about finding the JOY and HAPPINESS of practicing.

What to expect?
A killer playlist, a fun flowy sequence and a workshop around various arm balances such as: Crow pose, Side Crow, Eka Pada Koundinyasana, Elephant's Trunk Pose and Peacock to name a few.
I mean heck, maybe you'll even learn a new party trick while training to become a ninja!

SPACE IS LIMITED, only 12 spots.

When: Sat 30 of March from 14.00-16.00
Where: Saga Yoga Punavuori, Sepänkatu 19
Energy exchange: 30 euros

Find the FB event here.




Hell yes you are! A WARRIOR that is!

The power of mantras, mudras and your mind is the BOMB and in this workshop we will learn how to use these tools so that we can fully become Warriors.

What is a mantra?
A mantra is an affirmation. A positive reinforcement that is helping you become more positive, motivated or inspired. Basically it is a tool that you continuously use to repeat a certain thing for self-improvement.

What is a mudra?
Each area of the hand has a reflex reaction in a specific part of the brain. A Mudra locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain.

And my mind?
We will work on that too, lol :D

What to expect
A beautiful Vinyasa session with many mudras, affirmations and tools on becoming a kick ass Warrior!

Energy exchange: Pay what you can, sliding scale of 15-25 euros
Pranama Kallio, Kolmas Linja 28

Find the FB event here.


Chakra Tune Up + Bär Bar Smoothie, @Pranama Kallio, feb 16

Join me in this special class on the 16th of February where you'll have your chakras read, move thru a Yin & Yang Sequence and enjoy a delicious smoothie from Bär Bar afterwards. Sound too good to be true? It's not and you should definitely come!

Even though the body appears to be a material object, in reality it’s a field of energy. There are 7 main energy centres of your body, known as chakras (Sanskrit for wheel of energy). Your chakras are vital for your overall wellbeing and each chakra is connected to different areas of your life and physical body. In this special class we will journey through the Chakra system and learn more about each chakra and work towards balancing them. The class will start with Eva testing each students chakras with a pendulum (please bring a piece of paper or a sticky note numbered 1-7 to quicken the process) which after there'll be a 90 minute Yin & Yang flow sequenced around all the chakras.

Say what?
Eva will use a pendulum as a dowser to see whether the participants chakra is open/closed/blocked or has excess energy. The information will not be shared with the rest of the class, but written on a piece of paper (please bring a piece of paper or a sticky note).

Yin & Yang
We'll move thru a Vinyasa and Yin inspired sequence based around the seven chakras with poses stabilizing and harmonizing each chakra. What to expect: hip openers, abs, balance poses, flow, so pretty much everything you can squeeze into a 90min class. Think roots to rise.

And then there's even smoothies afterwards?
Sure thing! My good homies from Bär Bar are gifting us with their super yummy and healthy smoothies made of Finnish berries to enjoy post yoga. The smoothie contains lots of vitamins and antioxidants and is for these aspects extremely grounding (1st Chakra hello!!)

What if I'm a yoga virgin?
No problemo amigo! This class is suitable for all levels and no previous yoga experience is required.

What else?
The class will be held in English.

How much?
This is a pay what you can - workshop, our recommendation price and a balanced energy exchange would be around 15/20€.

Book to secure your spot by sending me an email eva.estlander@gmail.com or by clicking the following link (link will be added today Jan 16th). Drop ins are welcomed, but might not fit in as this has been a popular workshop in the past! Space is limited.

Find the FB event here or sign up here.


Yoga class at Helsinki Yoga Festival

Join me for som fun and flowy classes at Helsinki Yoga Festival at Kaapelitehdas in March 2019.

YINYASA (In English): Get the best of both worlds; vitality from the dynamic power of vinyasa flow and rejuvenation from the restorative energy of yin yoga. The combination of these two very different yoga practices offers an interesting experience and is suitable for all levels. What to expect: a fun flowy sequence without forgetting some mellow longer held yin postures. We’ll focus on the pelvic region and a healthy happy spine. The class will start with a couple yin asanas which after we’ll create some heat with a creative flow session to some groovy tunes and we’ll finish off with a few more yin poses. I’m excited to meet you on the mat! More info here.


Eat, Play, Love - A 7 day Yoga Retreat in Sicily with Life Force Project, SEPT 15-22 2018

Join us in a timeless destination, where gorgeous vineyard laden countrysides, rich Italian culture, and the magic of Mt. Etna will captivate your heart. We invite you to experience the indulgence of Sicily’s character and culture, from rural life to an exciting urban scene.


Tarot Yoga - Unlocking your highest self @Pranama Kallio, Nov 24 2018

Join Jonna Monola and Eva Estlander on a mystical Yoga Tarot journey unlocking your higher self on the last Saturday of November.

In this 4 hour workshop we will journey within ourselves through physical asana and seek answers and direction utilizing various Tarot decks. You might also receive guidance towards finding the right path.

The day will start with a clarifying meditation, which after we will continue with a Yin & Yang yoga practice focusing on asanas to open and unlock our higher consciousness. We will also be enjoying a healthy snack. The day ends with a relaxing singing bowl ceremony.

This workshop is open for everyone, previous yoga or mediation experience is not needed! You are not asked or required to share any of your personal questions for the Tarot reading, however if you choose to do so, please know that you’ll be in a safe environment. We welcome everyone who feels called to join on this mystical workshop!

Find the FB event here or sign up here.



Join NYC celebrity boxing coaches Jaws Nelson and Jeremiah Maestre, SYB founder Mantas Zvinas, and restauranteur Eddie Larios and myself for an amazing adventure in my hometown of Sayulita, Mexico.


Ciao Bellas!! Come see how the SYB crew does the Amalfi Coast - the only way we know how: with tons of new Italian lingo and linguine. This is a trip not to be missed and you should think about brining your mother.