Rocio Akrish, founder & designer of Zafiro jewelry

Rocio Akrish, founder & designer of Zafiro jewelry

Priscilla,  looking mighty fine rocking Zafiro

Priscilla, looking mighty fine rocking Zafiro

Meet Rocio Akrish, designer and founder of Zafiro Jewelry. Rocio was introduced to the jewelry industry at a very young age as she started helping her father sell jewelry at street fairs. In 2008 Rocio opened a tiny jewelry store together with her mom here in Sayulita and recently took over and gave it a complete facelift and new look. Today the shop carries mostly her own line, Zafiro, but also still sells her mom, Doris's jewelry.

Rocio style is elegant, yet edgy and she uses various different materials and gemstones from all over the world. She has always been very creative and designing jewelry and sourcing gemstones throughout Asia and Indonesia are her biggest passions. I sat down with Rocio to ask her a few questions about her jewelry and store here in Sayulita.

Q: Why is your jewelry called Zafiro?

Me showing off my headband, bracelets and rings

Me showing off my headband, bracelets and rings

A: I was born to hippie parents who gave me the middle name Sapphire. Zafiro is Sapphire in Spanish.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration to design your jewelry?

A: I've always been really curious about ancient civilizations and made my first round of jewelry after I saw the King Tut exhibit, so it was super Egyptian inspired. Since then I've mostly concentrated on stones rings and made some animal pendants like snakes and  Raven and Humming bird skulls because I love their symbolism.

Q: Who wears Zafiro? What are your customers like?

A: Its the biggest compliment to hear my friends say they love my jewelry and see them wearing it.  I also really like when guys buy my rings and necklaces. Anyone who likes to wear stones can be my customer, no limitations.

Q: What is it like to have a jewelry store in Sayulita? Lots of competition?

A: There are A LOT of Jewelry stores in Sayulita  considering its size, but I think I have something different to offer. I carry a big variety of stones and most of my jewels are set in brass, plus I use different materials like bone and fossils.

Q: What plans do you have for Zafiro jewelry?

A; I want to expand my store next year and I'm forever working on a shopping cart website, but I swear it will be done. 

Q: Favorite quote?

A: Notice what you notice.

Thank you Chio!!

Love this image of Kelea

Love this image of Kelea

All the images are from a Goddess meets Amazon Warrior photoshoot we recently did for Zafiro jewelry. And were shot by Jessica Leigh.

Make sure to give @zafirojewelry a follow on instagram and to stop by Zafiro Jewelry when in town (a beautiful pink wall), you'll find the shop on Avenida Revolucion (main street), just across from Chocobanana.