Sherri Larson Casas, Sicily, Italy

Eva has such a beautiful soul... and it comes through in every yoga class she teaches. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and guides you to do difficult poses, but you never feel judged if there is something you can't do. I can't really say that I'm sad that we met at a yoga retreat in Sicily, because how awesome was that?! But I'm sad that I didn't meet her in my home town so I can take her class every day. Eva, if you ever come to Denver, you have a place to stay, and please, PLEASE let me know if you ever teach at another retreat, I'll be there... and don't be surprised if I stalk you and show up to take one of your classes in Finland one day.

Amy Highton, Sayulita, Mexico

I took private classes with Eva and she was amazing! Super accommodating, pushed me to try new things and helped me adapt my practice around a surf injury. Would highly recommend!

Elizabeth Franke Meier, Sicily, Italy

Sending gratitude to Eva for leading our yoga retreat in Sicily last week 💕 💕💕
Not only is she highly skilled and knowledgeable in cuing and creating an inspirational class, she connects with each student, offering gentle and loving guidance.

Gratzie Mille 🌸🦋🌸 I wish we lived closer so I could attend your classes regularly!

Eddie Ochoa, Sayulita, Mexico

Eva is an Excellent yoga instructor! She's very much in-tune with the mind/body & has very well rounded knowledge of the body & movement. She's very patient & kind with her students & can teach students regardless of level. My favorite style of yoga currently is Yin Yoga which she teaches every Saturday @ Hotelito In Sayulita. It's always a pleasure taking her classes & I always look forward to seeing her!

Carlos Serrano, Sayulita, Mexico

Eva tiene un equilibrio entre estética y potencia (fuerza) muy grande, cuando estoy con ella siento como si su voz estuviera detrás de mi corrigiéndome y guiándome. Me gusta el surf y el futbol y si ahora me gusta e interesa el yoga es por ella, solo que tengo un problema, no puedo tomar clases con ella por que vivo en el golfo pero definitivamente estaría inscrito en sus clases.

Hanna Asikainen, Helsinki, Finland

Eva introduced yoga to me and her inspiring way of teaching made me love especially yin yoga. Her beautiful voice and clear instructions just creates the atmosphere I enjoy.

Jaana Matikainen, Helsinki, Finland

Eva on ihan huippu! Mun loman ehdottomasti PARAS juttu oli joogat Evan kanssa, joita oli useampi 3 viikon aikana. 
Eva on kannustava, osaava, iloinen ja inspiroiva opettaja. Sain Evan kautta jälleen hurjasti itsevarmuutta ja uutta intoa joogaamiseen, josta oli ollut taukoa nilkkavamman vuoksi.
Toivon että meidän tiet vielä kohtaa❤️