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I get it, it’s a lot of fluffiness out there but the other end isn’t cool either, so here’s what I have to say to people making fun of yoga, yoga practitioners and the yoga community:

First of all, may Spirit bless your soul and secondly go fudge (or smudge) yourself.

The end.

I’M KIDDING!!!!!!!! Well, kind of. Let me put it in a nicer package for you. Read on, if you will:

We all love humor and joking, it's is a big part of life and a way for us to connect and communicate with each other. Laughing is medicine and laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells, thus improving your resistance to disease. So it makes sense to be laughing and joking. Oh and as we all know (God I hope so at least) it feels freaking fantastic, we all love a good ole laugh and joke. That being said, being rude and making fun on someone else’s behalf or ridiculing someone because of their interests, way of life and passions can be offensive as fawk. Surely we see stand up comedians do this and a lot of humor is based on making fun of someone else, but sadly there seems to be an overflowing pattern that’s pretty repetitive, men making fun of women. This is upsetting and triggering on many levels. Some might argue it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s men making fun of women practicing yoga per se and it just happens to be that more women are into yoga. Dope, well for whatever reason it triggers the shiiiat outta me, which is why I am typing. Like there isn’t enough misogynist and sexist behavior out there already, sigh. It’s kind of lame to notice and see men even in my own circle of “friends” or social media friends making fun of women practicing and teaching yoga and about the stuff and pictures we post on social media. 

Here’s the problem I have with that: when did whatever you post on social media become more valuable or important than what I am posting? Do you see me making fun of fishing, golfing, surfing, photography, videography, banking, baking or whatever the heck it is that you love on my feed? Nah, didn’t think so. And for those of you who read my blog, I kinda touched on the subject in a previous post, but today I felt the need to actually dedicate a whole post on this subject. So homie, you clearly have a social media account for whatever reason (be it for communication/marketing/expression/stalking or all of the reasons) and most of you feel the need to share pictures of the things you like, be it a pizza, a pic from a vacation, your child or [insert whatever]. So my question in all honesty is:

What makes me silly or fake or whatever you think I am that makes you want to make fun of me and my fellow yogis out there?

Social media is a part of our lives now, this is fact. The digital revolution is here and we all have different ways of utilizing this insanely powerful tool. I and a bunch of other yogis out there happen to use it to post yoga stuff and why wouldn’t we when that’s what we love? I’ve never claimed to be a nun, nor an enlightened being or a guru of any sort. I simply love yoga, spirituality, self work (such as working with expression like what I am doing right now this very moment) and I am just trying my best to hustle and spread the joy in a way that empowers me and the people with the same interests. Putting myself out there is intimidating enough and I constantly struggle with the fear of being judged or ridiculed, so when it actually happens it feels pretty lame, kinda like being bullied. And in all fairness, I do agree that there’s definitely an overflow or overuse of words such as #blessed and #bliss and #grateful, but simultaneously there’s also huge amount of pics of big fish or the last NBA game out there (just examples). And isn’t it actually pretty amazing if someone genuinely feels grateful in a world where there’s a ton of sad stuff happening that we can cry about every damn moment. So WHY my dear hombre fellow human, WHY oh why do you need to mock us? I get it’s funny, but unless you are as funny as JP (because he is actually SUPER funny and does it from a space of LOVE) I suggest you stop shaming yogis, YOGA GIRLS and the practice of yoga or perhaps you need to find your way to the mat and practice some compassion.

Oh, am I a bad yogi for speaking my mind for expressing my feelings? I think not. Being a bad yogi is a good next blog post by the way.

Thanks for reading.

For my fellow yoga sisters out there, have you stumbled upon the same thing in your circle of peeps?

K bye now.



BELOW you’ll find some really funny stuff actually, the difference is JP does it from a place of love as he is a dedicated yogi himself.


Incredible Iceland & why traveling is my vice


Incredible Iceland & why traveling is my vice

Incredible Iceland & why traveling is my vice

By now you’ve probably created your own eco conscious habits or if not, perhaps it’s time. Global warming is no joke and definitely not fake news, even if the misogonyst, racist, homophobic president of the US claims otherwise.

Taking action is something that must be done on a personal level and we all can do better. There’s many ways to live more ecologically and perhaps one of the most powerful ways is to start checking what you put on your plate, three times a day. If you’re a newbie to this concept, I recommend not just taking my word for it, but educating yourself and an easy way to start would be by picking up the following documentaries; Cowspiracy, Meat the Truth, Forks over knives and Before the flood.

I’ve been vegetarian for the past 9 years, on and off vegan (or wannabe vegan as I like to put it) and can semi proudly say that my carbon footprint is most likely smaller than yours, if you consume meat that is. That being said, I am no saint and I definitely have a footprint as well as my vice happens to be traveling. The thing with traveling is though, that seeing new places and experiencing the beauty of our planet is my thirst, a thirst so strong it’s hard to quench. And even if jumping on jumbo jet is not ideal for our beloved mama earth, it is lesser of a harmful activity, than consuming factory farmed meat. 

So traveling it is. The last 9 months or so have been quite the whirlwind for me; I’ve been back and forth to Mexico twice, traveled to Morocco, Italy, Sweden a couple times, Estonia, the US (LA) and now finally last weekend to the beautiful, incredible Iceland. But my thirst does not end there and I find myself constantly longing to hop on the plane and visit new & old places yet again. And yes, I am very aware of how privileged I am and do not take it for granted. That being said, I do feel like it’s a choice to a certain extent. Before getting all agro on me, I mean if you live in a welfare society, or the fact that you have a device to be reading this blog, says that you have some cash to your disposal and it’s merely a consumer choice where you like to put it. Some love Gucci bags, some booze and some traveling. It all comes down to your likings and I am not claiming your preference is worse or better than mine. I am simply sharing mine.

Choices. That’s what it all comes down to. Dropping the steak is simply the most efficient solution you can do on a personal level to fight global warming and the cool thing about is it does not cost a dime, more on the contrary, it will actually save a buck here and there. And not only is it a kinder solution for the planet and the animals, it’s simply a way healthier way of living and being. If you practice yoga, you’ve most likely come across the term “ahimsa”, meaning do no harm to self or others, so it’s pretty damn aligned with the yogic philosophy as well (hear hear yogis aka practice what you preach). If you need more reasons to drop that sausage or entrecote there’s a ton of articles and material on the world wide web of the benefits of a plant based diet.

Okay dokay, so now that you understand my choice of vice and my personal reasoning behind my choice of vice, I will circle back to my passion, traveling. Being the millennial nomad that I am, I want to share some of the beautiful shots from last weekends mini getaway to Iceland. And holy smokes, lemme tell ya, I’ve traveled quite a lot, but never ever have I seen beauty like this before. This trip was a reminder of how versatile and beautiful our Tellus is and how there’s just It also made me reflect upon my own consumerism and choices, hence this blogpost. 

So Iceland, If you’re planning a trip to Iceland, I recommend renting a car (a SUV that’s 4X4), getting the full insurance and driving down south to at least these few locations (thanks Wille for the tips):

  • Seljalandsfoss

  • Skogafoss

  • Svínafellsjökull

  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

  • Diamond beach

  • Reynisfjara Beach (Black Sand Beach)

Reykjavik is also cool to see, but it’s pretty small, so you don’t need to spend to much time there. My recommendation is to just hop on the car and drive drive drive. You will be in awe of the beauty, at least I was. Below you will find a collection of some of my fave shots. I mean. Oh. My. Goodness. BEAUTIFUL!!!

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to tell me about what your vice is and how you perhaps counterbalance that vice with the choices you make.

Con amor,